Domestic Heat Pump Services

A heat pump is one of the best ways to heat or cool the home, keeping it at the constant, ideal temperature you prefer, and if you get the right advice about what unit would best suit your property, they can be extremely energy efficient.

Superchill are partnered with leading manufacturers of domestic heat pumps designed to provide maximum climate-controlled comfort to the home.

You’ll be amazed what a difference a heat pump will make to your quality of life as it regulates the temperature and airflow in your home.

What System is Right For Me?


Ducted System

If you’re after a discreet energy efficient central heating system, a ducted heat pump is the perfect option. With a central unit fitted into your home’s ceiling space, grills are installed in each room of your home allowing you to control the air flow of each space separately.

High Wall Heat Pumps

Popular for their convenience, and ease of use and installation, high wall mounted heat pumps save floor space and keep you comfortable all year round. Available in a range of different sizes we have a wall mounted heat pump solution for the smallest or largest of spaces.

Floor Mount Heat Pumps

If wall space is limited, then a floor mounted heat pump might be the perfect addition in your home. Known for their slim designs, floor air conditioning systems are popular for renovations, slotting neatly into spaces left by the removal or fireplaces and other heaters.

Cassette Heat Pump Systems

Compact, ultra-quiet, and discrete in nature, cassette heat pumps are another perfect solution for those wanting their heat pump installed in the ceiling cavity, rather than mounted on the wall or floor. Being on the ceiling, Cassettes distribute air more evenly throughout the room and are perfect for larger spaces.

Multi Head Heat Pump System

An energy efficient and effective solution to heat more than one room at once, a multi split air conditioning system allows you to install heat pumps in several rooms of your home, using only one outdoor unit. Each unit can be controlled individually, giving you more flexibility over cooling and heating your spaces.

Heat pump installation

It’s important your heat pump is installed by experts so it works at peak efficiency. The heat pump installation process also requires making penetrations through the exterior of your home. If not done correctly, this presents a risk to weatherproofing and potential damage.

Superchill technicians are all qualified installers, trained to deliver the highest standards of heat pump installation in the home. When you get your heat pump installed by us, we ensure it delivers the best possible air quality for day to day comfort while adding value to your largest asset.

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Get A Heat Pump on Your Rates

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s ‘Sustainable Homes’ Programme lets Hawke’s Bay homeowners and landlords with properties in particular “Airzones” get home ventilation systems and heat pumps installed today, with up to 10 years to pay through their their rates bill.

Superchill are proud to be an approved council provider for Hawke’s Bay’s Sustainable Homes programme, aiming to make Hawke’s Bay homes warmer and healthier by offering an easy finance option for home ventilation and heat pumps.

To find out more about Sustainable Homes Heat pumps and whether you’re eligible, check out Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for more information. https://www.hbrc.govt.nz/services/sustainable-homes/clean-heating/

Get in touch with us for a free quote to use for your application with Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

Heat pump package deals for landlords

To help relieve the financial pressure on landlords required to fit heating appliances into rental properties, Superchill has partnered with Toshiba to offer a great deal on the purchase and installation of a heat pump.

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Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote

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